Electronics Disposal at OSU (Resale and Recycling)

At OSU, electronics, also referred to as e-waste, are items that have power cords or run on batteries. All unwanted OSU property, including electronics that are broken or working, must be sent to Surplus Property, which determines if they are to be resold or recycled.

If your department has electronics it no longer needs, please submit a surplus pick-up request.

Computers and other data storage equipment sent to Surplus Property or transferred to another department must first have its data purged. See the OSU Policy on Disposal of Data Storage Equipment (PDF), which includes the certification form to include with your item(s).

Oregon E-Cycles Law

On January 1, 2010, it became illegal to dispose of televisions, laptops, and computers (CPU’s and Monitors) in any landfill in Oregon (House Bill 2626 in 2007). On January 1, 2015, printers, computer mice and keyboards were added. If any of these items from the Oregon State University waste stream end up in the local Coffin Butte Landfill, OSU can be fined and at minimum be liable for costs associated with removing items from the landfill.  That includes any of these items discarded in any OSU dumpster, including those at residence halls. Please see above for information on how to dispose of OSU electronics.

Photos of items included under Oregon E-Cycles Law

For More Information

Steve Schofield
Surplus/Recycle Equipment Maintenance Coordinator
(541) 737-2851