Public Purchases

Why can’t I buy at a time other than the Public Sales hours?
The public has designated times to assure everyone has the same opportunity to purchase surplus property. The hours available are posted on our homepage calendar.

Where does all this stuff come from?
The majority of surplus comes from OSU Campus and Extension offices. We also process or sell items for 40+ public agencies.

What is a spot bid and what do I do to place one?
A spot bid is a bidding process used during the OSUsed store for highly sought-after or specialized items. Bids are accepted 12-2 pm during afternoon sales (which occur 12-3 pm) and 5:30-6:30 pm during evening sales (which occur 5:30-7:30 pm). The highest bid above minimum wins and the bidder is obligated to purchase the item. Blank Spot Bid forms are located at the cashier’s desk and completed bid forms are placed in a drop box to await the closing time. All spot bids must be paid for by the end of the sale. If you are unavailable you may leave your phone number to be notified or your credit card number or check to be charged and picked up after the OSUsed store closes.

Can you move something I bought for me?
We do not have moving services for any of the surplus items bought by the public. We do assist loading vehicles but are not liable for any damage to vehicle or item while loading.

How do I pay for an online item?
We can only accept Visa/MasterCard's, money orders, cash, or personal checks under $1000 for online purchases. Please call 541-737-7347 to arrange payment.

Why can’t I use PayPal for online purchases?
Due to the state of Oregon Treasurer's ruling on financial transactions, we cannot accept PayPal.

Department/Agency Disposal

What items go to Surplus?
ANYTHING owned by OSU must go through Surplus Property to be disposed. We also have inter-government agreements with about 40 different state agencies to sell their equipment.

Once a pickup request is submitted how long does it take to get the items removed?
It depends on our warehouse space and the availability of our student labor to pick up the items. We update our pickup time delays on our request page when applicable, but try to complete pickups within 10 business days from request. You are welcome to bring the items to our warehouse, we just asked that you call ahead to be sure we have the space and are able to accept the items. We do not receive items on Tuesdays or Fridays because of our public sales.

What happens to the money from the sale of items?
Surplus Property is a self-sustaining department. Surplus Property takes an initial amount from the sale, and returns a percentage of the remaining amount to the owning department. See our rates page for more information.

How much money from the sale of items was returned to the owning department?
Surplus Property returned approximately $580,000 to owning departments in fiscal year 2015.

Can we sell surplus to another OSU department without going through Surplus Property?
Yes, but you will need to notify the inventory department that the equipment will be owned by another department. You are not allowed by OSU policy to sell items to a state agency or non-profit organization. That equipment must go through Surplus Property.

We have a lot of old video equipment - can we hold a sale and sell these items to students and staff? Can we put a sign on the wall that says "free, take me?"
No. This will violate the University's policy. All items MUST go through Surplus Property to be disposed. The items cannot be given away or purchased by students or staff. We have public sales where they can purchase items for their own use.

We have several old computers we would like to donate to a public school. Can we do this?
Yes, but there is some paperwork that needs completed. Please email or fax (7-2170) a copy of the item to Surplus Property that you would like to donate. Be sure to include any OSU asset numbers on the items. Please indicate who you want to donate to and we will send you a donation form that will need to be filled out and faxed back to us to keep with our records.

Most of the items are junk-do I send it to you?
Yes, please send all OSU owned equipment to Surplus Property. Always contact us before disposing of an item. The old saying is "One man's trash is another man's treasure". We may know someone that is looking for parts or will at least know the best avenue for recycling the item if it is not sellable.

Do I have to put all OSU asset numbers on the pickup request?
Yes, all OSU asset numbers need to be indicated on the pickup request. Active asset numbers need to be put into the asset number area. If you know the asset number is inactive, then put it into the description of the item. Also, please indicate all Stop Tag numbers in the description area.

Who determines the price of the items we turn into surplus?
Prices are determined by surplus staff, who find comparables on the Internet, check our database and utilize our employees' expertise. We aim to get the best value for the owning department.

Department/Agency Purchases

When can we shop for items we want to purchase for our department?
We are open from 8 AM to 4 PM Mondays through Thursdays (closed to departments on Fridays and weekends). You can put an item on hold so you can go back and measure the space or talk with your co-workers. We will hold the item for two days.

How does a department purchase the items? Can we use a grant number?
An OSU department can purchase with a state index number. We do not accept Grant numbers. The reason we do accept grant numbers is this is used equipment and we do not know if it was purchased with a grant the first time and if it is purchased with a grant number a second time it is called "double dipping" and that is not allowed.

Can state agencies and non-profit organizations purchase from Surplus Property?
Yes, we are open to state agencies and non-profit organizations with a 501(c)(3) status to purchase items from 8 AM to 4 PM Mondays through Thursdays. You can put an item on hold so you can go back and measure your space or talk with your co-workers. We will hold an item for two days.

How does a state agency or non-profit organization pay for the items?
A purchase order is always good to have for a state agency. A non-profit organization must bring in a copy of their 501(c)(3) status each time they want to purchase an item. If an agency or non-profit wants to pay for their items, we must have a credit card or check from their organization. NO CASH or personal checks will be accepted. We also can bill the agency or non profit at the end of the month.