If you’ve lost an item, there is no need to panic! The first step is to find out where your item should be sent if found.

Where to Find Your Lost Item

Below is a list of departments where your item may be sent according to OSU Central Lost and Found Policy:

  • Box of lost and found items

    Department of Public Safety (DPS) Contact DPS

    • Receives all keys (including those for bike locks, motor vehicles, houses and buildings), wallets, purses, money, credit cards, driver’s licenses, bikes, bike parts, cell phones, computers, flash drives, medications and other non-OSU ID cards (e.g. military).
  • OSU ID Center Contact the OSU ID center
    • Receives OSU ID’s.
  • Central Lost and Found Lost Item Form
    • All other items are sent to Central Lost and Found. Please fill out the Lost Item Form and check with the building where you think you lost it. Read on for more detail.

How to Report Your Lost Item

  • Submit Via the Lost Item Form (link below)
  • Note: DO NOT make a report for items sent to DPS or the ID Center.

The Lost Item Form allows us to contact you once the item finds its way to the Central Lost and Found location, if it isn’t here already! The form is the fastest, most efficient way to report your lost item.

  • Tips to Report Your Lost Item

To increase the chance that your item is identified, please include sufficient detail in the description of your lost item. Vague descriptions result in items not being correctly identified.

Include: brand name, color, size, shape, model number, material (leather, plastic, fabric, metal, etc.), size, and any special features like dents, stickers, tags or labels. Example descriptions:

  • Nike/Black/Men’s Large/Fleece jacket/OSU logo on right arm.
  • Hydro Flask 32 oz/Navy Blue/with small dent at top/Portland carpet sticker/JD initials on bottom/black lid with straw closure.

Fill out the Lost Item Form

  • Call the Message Line or Email Us

For a quick response, please email us your questions or a detailed description of your lost item. If you prefer, you can leave a voicemail at 541-737-7240 and we will try to get back to you in a timely manner.

Remember that if you are contacting us about a lost item, to include all the details requested on our Lost Item Form in your email or voicemail message. Thank you.