About Surplus Pick-up Requests

All OSU-owned property must go through Surplus Property to be disposed. Learn about our sales fee and how much money will be returned to your department on our fees page.

Departments are credited their portion of the sales once a month. Any equipment on inventory will remain on a department's inventory until sold or otherwise disposed of. If an active inventory item is sold to another department, the Fixed Assets department will transfer the active number to the buying department. If the active inventory item is sold to the general public, the Fixed Assets department will remove it from OSU inventory.

All computers, monitors and TVs must be disposed of through Surplus Property, regardless of condition. These items cannot be thrown away in the trash in accordance with Oregon law. Read more about OSU electronics disposal here.

Each department must fill out a surplus pick-up request (SPR) form online. This form must be filled out whether you need Surplus to pick up items OR if your department will be dropping items off.

All OSU inventory stickers on items must be noted on the SPR form. The form is audited against the inventory records to confirm ownership and eligibility for sale. Pick-ups are made as soon as possible, based on the current workload and available storage space. This process normally takes an average of 10 working days.

Please do NOT place surplus items in hallways, as it is a violation of the Oregon Fire Code (Section 1030, 2010 Edition) to place material in an exit hallway or corridor.  Civil penalties may be issued for such offenses.

Getting Started

Setting Up an Account

Before you are able to submit disposal requests to Surplus Property using our Surplus System you will need a login and password.

  • To obtain this information, please contact the OSU Surplus department at (541) 737-7347. Your password will be randomly generated and emailed to you. You will have the choice to change your password immediately following your first log in.
  • If this is your first time or it’s been a while, please read the Full Instructions
  • After this information has been given to you, login to our system by clicking the link below.

Entering the Surplus Pick-up Request System

Please use Internet Explorer. Note: Some customers are experiencing errors with the recent Explorer upgrade. If you experience an error after clicking the "Surplus Pick-Up Request System" button below, please do the following:

  1. In Explorer, click on Tools on the menu bar (if your tool bar is not showing, right-click on the top of your browser and select "Menu Bar").
  2. Under Tools, click "Compatibility View." The logon page should now show.

If you have difficulties or questions, please contact us.

Click to open a PDF of how to use the surplus pick-up request system          Go to the surplus pick-up request system