Lost an Item?

If you’ve lost an item, there is no need to panic. The first step is to find out where your item will be sent, which is determined by what type of item it is:

  • Items with personal information or valuables such as money, wallets, purses, ID cards, bicycles and bike parts, cell phones, computers, flash drives and medications are handled by DPS and keys are handled by the Key Shop. 
  • All other items are sent to Central Lost and Found. Please fill out the Lost Item Form and check with the building where you think you lost it. Read on for more detail.

Central Lost and Found

Fill out the Lost Item FormThe Lost Item Form allows us to contact you once the item finds its way to the Central Lost and Found location, if it isn’t here already! The form is the fastest, most efficient way to report your lost item.

If you prefer, you are also welcome to call and leave a message at 541-737-7240, including your name, contact info, when and where you lost your item, and a detailed description of your item.

In the meantime, try checking the building where you lost your belonging. Departments will typically hold onto any lost items for at least one week before transferring them to Central Lost and Found.

Once an item is received by Central Lost and Found, it will be held for 30 days. This does not account for time the item may have spent in any other location. After 30 days, lost items become OSU property and will be given to Surplus Property.

Some items are not received by us and are instead sent to the Department of Public Safety and Oregon State Police on campus. All keys are sent to the OSU Key Shop. If your item is one of the following, please take the link for further information on contacting the appropriate department.

Found an Item?

For Individuals

If you have found an item, please take it to the department or office closest to the area found. If you found it outdoors, take to an office in the nearest building. The owner will likely be looking in the area for their belonging.

If for some reason you cannot access or identify the closest office or building, you may take the item to Central Lost and Found, weekdays 8am – 12pm and 1-5 pm, located in the Property Services Building at 644 SW 13th St. (view on Campus Map).

For Departments

Please hold on to any turned in lost items for one week.

Afterwards, transfer the item(s) to Central Lost and Found by filling out our recycling Service Request Form. Use the comments field to let us know how many bags, boxes or other containers we will be picking up. Please label the box/bag(s) "Lost & Found" so our crew knows what to pick-up.

Items will be picked up alongside recycling on the next day the building is serviced. Remember to allow one week to pass before filling out the form, in order to allow the owner to have sufficient time to search for the item before it is sent to Central Lost and Found.

For Custodial Staff

Please deliver items received daily to Central Lost and Found, located at the Property Services Building at 644 SW 13th St.

Contact Us

Lost Item Form
Message Line: 541-737-7240

Remember that if you are contacting us about a lost item, to include all the details requested on our Lost Item Form in your email or voicemail message. Thank you.