OSU Departments

All OSU owned equipment must go through Surplus Property to be disposed. Each department must fill out a surplus pick-up request (SPR) form online. All OSU inventory stickers on an item must be noted on the SPR form. The form is audited against the inventory records to confirm ownership and eligibility for sale. Pick-ups are made as soon as possible, based on the current workload and available storage space. This process normally takes an average of 10 working days.

All computers, monitors and TVs must be disposed of through Surplus Property, regardless of condition. These items cannot be thrown away in the trash in accordance with Oregon law. Read more here.

Departments are credited their portion of the sales once a month. Any equipment on inventory will remain on a department's inventory until sold or otherwise disposed of. If an active inventory item is sold to another department, the Inventory department will transfer the active number to the buying department. If the active inventory item is sold to the general public, the Inventory department will remove it from OSU inventory.

See our Pick-up schedule to find out when we'll be in your building.

Surplus Pick-up Request Online

Other Government Agencies

If you are an agency seeking to dispose of surplus property, read our "Resources for Dispositioning Surplus Property in Oregon" resource sheet (PDF) for ideas.

If you wish to dispose of surplus property through us, please contact our Materials Manager Rae DeLay at (541) 737-7341 or via email.