Surplus Property

See departmental satisfaction survey results and the changes we plan to makeWelcome to Surplus Property's website! Surplus Property recycles or transfers excess or surplus property back to OSU departments, state and local governments, qualified nonprofit organizations and the public.

About Us

OSU Surplus Property's mission is to recycle or transfer excess or surplus property back to OSU departments, state and local governments, and qualified nonprofit organizations within the State of Oregon.

After a reasonable time, surplus property not sold to departments is offered for sale to the general public. Items are offered through the OSUsed stores, online auction sites, and sealed bids.

Explore the menu links above and to the right to learn more about shopping or selling through us, as well as Central Lost and Found and Campus Moves.

OSU Surplus Property is a member of the University Surplus Property Association.

Together Surplus Property and Campus Recycling make up a department called Materials Management, which is joined with Procurement and Contracts under the unit of Procurement, Contracts and Materials Management (PCMM). PCMM is a unit within Business Affairs.

Contact Us

Contact Information

Surplus Property

Call Surplus: (541) 737-7347
Email Surplus

Central Lost & Found

Lost & Found Message Line: (541) 737-7240
Email Lost & Found

Our Staff

Steve Schofield

Steve Schofield
Surplus/Warehouse Coordinator
(541) 737-2851

Tom Radel

Tom Radel
Online Sales & Moves Coordinator
(541) 737-2492
Gary Boulton Gary Boulton
Recycling/Surplus/Warehouse Coordinator
(541) 737-7347
Bil Burton Bil Burton
Equipment Systems Specialist
(541) 737-7347

 Miranda Cooley

Miranda Cooley
Property Specialist
(541) 737-7347
Rae DeLay Rae DeLay
(541) 737-7341
Andrea Norris Andrea Norris
Marketing & Development Coordinator

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Surplus FAQ

Public Purchases

Why can’t I buy at a time other than the Public Sales hours?
The public has designated times to assure everyone has the same opportunity to purchase surplus property. The hours available are posted on our homepage calendar.

Where does all this stuff come from?
The majority of surplus comes from OSU Campus and Extension offices. We also process or sell items for 40+ public agencies.

What is a spot bid and what do I do to place one?
A spot bid is a bidding process used during the OSUsed store for highly sought-after or specialized items. Bids are accepted 12-2 pm during afternoon sales (which occur 12-3 pm) and 5:30-6:30 pm during evening sales (which occur 5:30-7:30 pm). The highest bid above minimum wins and the bidder is obligated to purchase the item. Blank Spot Bid forms are located at the cashier’s desk and completed bid forms are placed in a drop box to await the closing time. All spot bids must be paid for by the end of the sale. If you are unavailable you may leave your phone number to be notified or your credit card number or check to be charged and picked up after the OSUsed store closes.

Can you move something I bought for me?
We do not have moving services for any of the surplus items bought by the public. We do assist loading vehicles but are not liable for any damage to vehicle or item while loading.

How do I pay for an online item?
We can only accept Visa/MasterCard's, money orders, cash, or personal checks under $1000 for online purchases. Please call 541-737-7347 to arrange payment.

Why can’t I use PayPal for online purchases?
Due to the state of Oregon Treasurer's ruling on financial transactions, we cannot accept PayPal.

Department/Agency Disposal

What items go to Surplus?
ANYTHING owned by OSU must go through Surplus Property to be disposed. We also have inter-government agreements with about 40 different state agencies to sell their equipment.

Once a pickup request is submitted how long does it take to get the items removed?
It depends on our warehouse space and the availability of our student labor to pick up the items. It may take a week or sometimes two weeks to complete a pickup. You are welcome to bring the items to our warehouse we just asked that you call ahead to be sure we have the space and are able to accept the items. We do not receive items on Fridays because of our public sales.

What happens to the money from the sale of items?
Surplus Property is a self-sustaining department. Surplus Property takes an initial amount from the sale, and returns a percentage of the remaining amount to the owning department. See our rates page for more information.

How much money from the sale of items was returned to the owning department?
Surplus Property returned approximately $580,000 to owning departments in fiscal year 2015.

Can we sell surplus to another OSU department without going through Surplus Property?
Yes, but you will need to notify the inventory department that the equipment will be owned by another department. You are not allowed by OSU policy to sell items to a state agency or non-profit organization. That equipment must go through Surplus Property.

We have a lot of old video equipment-can we hold a sale and sell these items to students and staff? Can we put a sign on the wall that says FREE, take me?
No. This will violate the University's policy. All items MUST go through Surplus Property to be disposed. The items cannot be given away or purchased by students or staff. We have public sales, every Wednesday, where they can purchase items for their own use.

We have several old computers we would like to donate to a public school. Can we do this?
Yes, but there is some paperwork that needs completed. Please email or fax (7-2170) a copy of the item to Surplus Property that you would like to donate. Be sure to include any OSU asset numbers on the items. Please indicate who you want to donate to and we will send you a donation form that will need to be filled out and faxed back to us to keep with our records.

Most of the items are junk-do I send it to you?
Yes, please send all OSU owned equipment to Surplus Property. Always contact us before disposing of an item. The old saying is "One man's trash is another man's treasure". We may know someone that is looking for parts or will at least know the best avenue for recycling the item if it is not sellable.

Do I have to put all OSU asset numbers on the pickup request?
Yes, all OSU asset numbers need to be indicated on the pickup request. Active asset numbers need to be put into the asset number area. If you know the asset number is inactive, then put it into the description of the item. Also, please indicate all Stop Tag numbers in the description area.

Who determines the price of the items we turn into surplus?
Prices are determined by surplus staff, who find comparables on the Internet, check our database and utilize our employees' expertise. We aim to get the best value for the owning department.

Department/Agency Purchases

When can we shop for items we want to purchase for our department?
We are open from 8 AM to 4 PM Mondays through Thursdays (closed to departments on Fridays and weekends). You can put an item on hold so you can go back and measure the space or talk with your co-workers. We will hold the item for two days.

How does a department purchase the items? Can we use a grant number?
An OSU department can purchase with a state index number. We do not accept Grant numbers. The reason we do accept grant numbers is this is used equipment and we do not know if it was purchased with a grant the first time and if it is purchased with a grant number a second time it is called "double dipping" and that is not allowed.

Can state agencies and non-profit organizations purchase from Surplus Property?
Yes, we are open to state agencies and non-profit organizations with a 501(c)(3) status to purchase items from 8 AM to 4 PM Mondays through Thursdays. You can put an item on hold so you can go back and measure your space or talk with your co-workers. We will hold an item for two days.

How does a state agency or non-profit organization pay for the items?
A purchase order is always good to have for a state agency. A non-profit organization must bring in a copy of their 501(c)(3) status each time they want to purchase an item. If an agency or non-profit wants to pay for their items, we must have a credit card or check from their organization. NO CASH or personal checks will be accepted. We also can bill the agency or non profit at the end of the month.

Fees and Rates

FY15 Fees

Surplus Fees

Delivery Fee for Surplus Purchases

  • $20 delivery fee for department purchases
  • Surplus Property only delivers purchases to departments on the Corvallis campus

Sales Fee

Surplus Property keeps the first $100.00 of each sale item plus a percent of the purchase price, as shown below.

Amount Collected for Sale of Item OSU Service Fee
$0-100.00 100%
$100.01 - $1,000.00 $100 + 40% of amount collected over $100
$1,000.01 - $2,000.00 $100 + 25% of amount collected over $100
$2,000.01 - $4,000.00 $100 + 15% of amount collected over $100
$4,000.01 - $25,000.00 $100 + 10% of amount collected over $100
$25,000.01 - $50,000.00 $100 + 6% of amount collected over $100
$50,000.01 or greater $100 +3% of amount collected over $100

Campus Moves Fees

Labor Charge

  • $40/hr per OSU staff person with a one hour minimum
  • $20/hr per student laborer (when available) with a one hour minimum
  • Outside vendor or overnight travel as quoted

Equipment Charge

  • $20/hr per truck or forklift (when available) or actual equipment rental charges for Motor Pool or outside vendor equipment
  • $0.60/mile for off campus pickups

Departments and Agencies

Photo of the warehouseSurplus Property offers the following services to departments and qualified agencies and non-profits:

Dispose of Surplus Items

All OSU-owned property MUST be disposed of through Surplus Property. By submitting an online request, you can either arrange to drop off your items at our building, or request Surplus Property to come pick up your items (pick up available to departments located on the OSU Corvallis campus only).

Shop at Surplus

We have a very wide variety of items available for sale to departments, government agencies and qualified non-profits; anything from scientific equipment to furniture and décor. Read more about purchasing for your department, agency or non-profit.

2017 Department Survey Results

See departmental satisfaction survey results and the changes we plan to makeThank you to our customers who completed a departmental staff satisfaction survey in October 2017. We appreciate your feedback and are taking it into account to set goals for the future. See a summary of the survey results and the changes we plan to make.

Pickup & Drop-Off Request

About Surplus Pick-up Requests

All OSU-owned property must go through Surplus Property to be disposed. Learn about our sales fee and how much money will be returned to your department on our fees page.

Departments are credited their portion of the sales once a month. Any equipment on inventory will remain on a department's inventory until sold or otherwise disposed of. If an active inventory item is sold to another department, the Fixed Assets department will transfer the active number to the buying department. If the active inventory item is sold to the general public, the Fixed Assets department will remove it from OSU inventory.

All computers, monitors and TVs must be disposed of through Surplus Property, regardless of condition. These items cannot be thrown away in the trash in accordance with Oregon law. Read more about OSU electronics disposal here.

Each department must fill out a surplus pick-up request (SPR) form online. This form must be filled out whether you need Surplus to pick up items OR if your department will be dropping items off.

All OSU inventory stickers on items must be noted on the SPR form. The form is audited against the inventory records to confirm ownership and eligibility for sale. Pick-ups are made as soon as possible, based on the current workload and available storage space. This process normally takes an average of 10 working days.

Please do NOT place surplus items in hallways, as it is a violation of the Oregon Fire Code (Section 1030, 2010 Edition) to place material in an exit hallway or corridor.  Civil penalties may be issued for such offenses.

Submit a Pick-Up Request

Go to the surplus pick-up request system

If you have difficulties or questions, please contact us.

Electronics Disposal

Electronics Disposal at OSU (Resale and Recycling)

At OSU, electronics, also referred to as e-waste, are items that have power cords or run on batteries. All unwanted OSU property, including electronics that are broken or working, must be sent to Surplus Property, which determines if they are to be resold or recycled.

If your department has electronics it no longer needs, please submit a surplus pick-up request.

Computers and other data storage equipment sent to Surplus Property or transferred to another department must first have its data purged. See the OSU Policy on Disposal of Data Storage Equipment (PDF), which includes the certification form to include with your item(s).

Oregon E-Cycles Law

On January 1, 2010, it became illegal to dispose of televisions, laptops, and computers (CPU’s and Monitors) in any landfill in Oregon (House Bill 2626 in 2007). On January 1, 2015, printers, computer mice and keyboards were added. If any of these items from the Oregon State University waste stream end up in the local Coffin Butte Landfill, OSU can be fined and at minimum be liable for costs associated with removing items from the landfill.  That includes any of these items discarded in any OSU dumpster, including those at residence halls. Please see above for information on how to dispose of OSU electronics.

Photos of items included under Oregon E-Cycles Law

For More Information

Steve Schofield
Warehouse Coordinator
(541) 737-7347

Department Purchases

Hours (for Dept/Government/Nonprofit only):

Employees may shop for their departments, government agencies and nonprofits:

Mondays – Thursdays at 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

You may also shop during public sales on Tuesdays 5:30-7:30 p.m. and Fridays 12:00-3:00 p.m., but are encouraged to shop during the times listed above for the best selection and fastest service.

Note that we are closed to all shoppers when the university is closed (on designated holidays or due to inclement weather).

Payment Methods

OSU employees must pay using a department index. Government agencies and nonprofits may pay by company credit card (Visa or MasterCard) or check.

Delivery of purchases can be provided for on-campus locations, for a fee.


We are located in the Property Services Building at the corner of 13th St. and A Ave. (644 SW 13th St.) in Corvallis.

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Public Sales

About Sales to the Public

Photo of the warehouse

Surplus Property receives inventory from Oregon State University and approximately 40 other state agencies around Oregon. Once the items are received and processed, they are offered for sale to OSU departments, qualified non-profit organizations and the public. We sell our inventory to the public (i.e. for personal purchases) through several methods:

  • The OSUsed Store: We have a storefront in our warehouse that we open to the public weekly.
  • Online Sales: Vehicles, machinery, small consumer goods and specialty items are sold online through a variety of auction sites.
  • Sealed Bids: Some items are sold through a blind bidding process on our website.

Sign-Up for our E-mail List

The purpose of the general public e-mail list is to provide timely notification of OSU public sale events. Please subscribe if you are interested in receiving these notices. You will receive approximately two e-mails a month. Click here to manage your email account (subscribe, unsubscribe, change).

Terms and Conditions

View our public sale terms and conditions

OSUsed Store

Public Sale Hours

The OSUsed Store is open to all shoppers on:

  • Tuesdays 5:30-7:30 pm
  • Fridays 12:00-3:00 pm

We occasionally hold special sales on additional dates. For a full schedule visit our calendar and consider signing up for our email list.


Parking meterWe are located in the Property Services Building on the OSU Campus at 644 SW 13th Street in Corvallis (on the corner of 13th St. and A Ave.).


Parking at or near the OSUsed Store is limited during afternoon sales. Please use the day pass parking meter located at the OSU parking lot on Washington street. We reserve the loading zones for loading merchandise only. Parking near the railroad tracks or on the grass may result in a ticket or worst case, your vehicle towed.

View Larger Map

Payment Methods:

We accept cash, personal checks up to $1,000, cashiers checks, Visa and MasterCards.

Terms and Conditions:

View our Terms and Conditions.

Online Sales

OSU offers the general public the opportunity to bid on items via the Internet at various web-based auction sites:

Website Description

Click to view our Public Surplus Store

  •  Merchandise: Vehicles, large items and farm equipment.
  • Shipping: Buyer is responsible for arranging pick-up or shipping.
Click to view our GovDeals store  
  • Merchandise: Vehicles, large items and farm equipment.
  • Shipping: Buyer is responsible for arranging pick-up or shipping.
Click to view our eBay store
  • Merchandise: Electronics, computers, small consumer goods and Beaver gear.
  • Shipping: We ship items to you.

Click to view our LabX store

  • Merchandise: Scientific equipment and lab glassware.
  • Shipping: We ship items to you.
Click to visit our Sealed Bids page
  • Merchandise: Large items, vehicles and scrap metal
  • Shipping: Buyer is responsible for arranging pick-up or shipping.

View our Sale Terms and Conditions.

Sealed Bids

Certain items are occasionally offered to the public through a "sealed bid" process. Our sealed bid process is a blind bid auction. A minimum price is set for each item. Customers can bid any amount equal to or higher than the minimum bid amount. Bidders will not know the number or value of the other bids submitted. Bids can be submitted on our website, or in person at our warehouse. When the auction closes, the highest bidder wins the auction for the price that they bid.

Note: All bids are subject to Bid Terms and Conditions.

Items Available:

 Flow Cell Battery System

Animal Placement Program

HorseThis is an Animal Placement Program for healthy horses, llamas, alpacas and other animals as determined by the campus Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) that remain at the end of a campus-approved project or program.  Using this process, animals can be placed with private individuals. Learn more about the program by downloading the Animal Placement Program Policy Statement.

Applying for ownership of an animal

To apply for ownership of an animal, please print and fill out the Animal Placement Application form and send it to the Animal Placement Program via email, fax (541-737-5637) or mail (101 Laboratory Animal Resources Center, Corvallis, OR 97331).

Departments needing to place an animal

If you are with a department seeking to place an animal with a private individual, please download the Animal Placement Program Submission Form. The completed form should be mailed to Animal Placement Program at 101 Laboratory Animal Resources Center, Corvallis, OR 97331.

Public Sales Terms and Conditions

OSU Surplus Property Sales (Applies to ALL Sales)

  1. OSU reserves the right to accept or reject any and all bids and to sell any part or all of the offered property to OSU departments, state and local governments, and nonprofit organizations with a 501(c)(3)status prior to the end of the sale.
  2. OSU accepts cash, personal checks up to $1000, cashier checks, money orders, certified checks, company checks, and Visa or MasterCard’s.
    1. If the check is in the amount of $1,000.00 or less it must be accompanied by two pieces of acceptable identification, one of which is photographic.
  3. Oregon State University's interest in the property passes to the successful bidder at the time of announcement of award. At this time, risk of loss or damage will not release the bidder from the obligation to buy the property. However, until the property is paid for, Oregon State University retains possession, as security toward the entire payment of the purchase price. Prior to possession of the property by the purchaser, when legal title of ownership passes from Oregon State University to the purchaser, the University may, if it decides that it is necessary, practical, or convenient, move any items. The successful bidder empowers Oregon State University, as Oregon State University deems suitable, to appoint an agent for him to move the property. Loading and transporting items are the responsibility of the successful Bidder.
  4. Bidders may be barred from participating in Oregon State University public sales for the following reasons:
    1. Failure to observe the terms and conditions as set forth by OSU.
    2. Payment for purchases with a personal check which is dishonored by a payor bank, depository bank, intermediary bank, collecting bank, presenting bank, or remitting bank.
    3. Failure to pay for purchases.
  5. OSU makes no warranty expressed or implied as to the quality, weight, size or description of any of the property or its fitness of any use or purpose. All sales are final, no refunds. All property is offered for sale “as is, where is, with no guarantee”.  

In addition to the above Terms and Conditions, sale-specific Terms and Conditions apply as well. See below.

OSUsed Store Terms and Conditions

  1. There is NO PREVIEW of the sale property. All property is sold on a first come, first serve basis.
  2. Buyer must be at least 18 years or older.
  3. Valid photo identification is required to participate in the sale.
  4. Storage fee of $5.00 per item for the first night, each night after the first is $10 per item per night. Purchaser has THREE working days from the date of purchase to remove their property or ownership reverts back to OSU.

Online Sales & Sealed Bid Terms and Conditions

  1. Buyer must be registered, and in good standing with Internet vendors.
  2. Buyer must be of legal age to bid.
  3. All bids and/or bid forms must be received by the OSU Surplus Property office at 644 SW 13th Street, Corvallis, Oregon 97333 by the closing date and time to be considered.
  4. Successful bidder must notify OSU, with name, shipping address and phone number within THREE working days after the end of the sale.
  5. OSU will calculate shipping cost and notify customer of total charges within five working days of the end of auction for eBay items.
  6. Buyer is responsible for paying processing charges, buyer premium, shipping and insurance charges when necessary or applicable.
  7. For eligible online items OSU will provide an invoice including shipping charges within five working days.
  8. Payment must be received within 7 days after OSU has notified the successful bidder or the seller has the right to relist the property for sale.
  9. Once payment is received OSU will ship eBay items within one working day.
  10. Removal of the equipment is the responsibility of the successful bidder and must be completed within ten days of the end of auction or the ownership of said property reverts back to Oregon State University.
  11. Returns are not accepted EXCEPT if the auction description does not match the actual item. The seller reserves the right to make that determination.

Thank you very much for participating in the Oregon State University Public Sales. Good luck!

If you have any questions regarding these terms and conditions, please contact Surplus Property via email or at (541) 737-7347.

Submit a Sealed Bid

Bid Information
Please enter your bid for the specified item
Contact Information
Terms and Conditions

Central Lost and Found

Please take the following links to learn more:

Lost an Item?

If you’ve lost an item, there is no need to panic! The first step is to find out where your item should be sent if found.

Where to Find Your Lost Item

Below is a list of departments where your item may be sent according to OSU Central Lost and Found Policy:

  • Box of lost and found items

    Department of Public Safety (DPS) Contact DPS

    • Receives all keys (including those for bike locks, motor vehicles, houses and buildings), wallets, purses, money, credit cards, driver’s licenses, bikes, bike parts, cell phones, computers, flash drives, medications and other non-OSU ID cards (e.g. military).
  • OSU ID Center Contact the OSU ID center
    • Receives OSU ID’s.
  • Central Lost and Found Lost Item Form
    • All other items are sent to Central Lost and Found. Please fill out the Lost Item Form and check with the building where you think you lost it. Read on for more detail.

How to Report Your Lost Item

  • Submit Via the Lost Item Form (link below)
  • Note: DO NOT make a report for items sent to DPS, ID Center, or Key Shop.

The Lost Item Form allows us to contact you once the item finds its way to the Central Lost and Found location, if it isn’t here already! The form is the fastest, most efficient way to report your lost item.

  • Tips to Report Your Lost Item

To increase the chance that your item is identified, please include sufficient detail in the description of your lost item. Vague descriptions result in items not being correctly identified.

Include: brand name, color, size, shape, model number, material (leather, plastic, fabric, metal, etc.), size, and any special features like dents, stickers, tags or labels. Example descriptions:

  • Nike/Black/Men’s Large/Fleece jacket/OSU logo on right arm.
  • Hydro Flask 32 oz/Navy Blue/with small dent at top/Portland carpet sticker/JD initials on bottom/black lid with straw closure.

Fill out the Lost Item Form

  • Call the Message Line or Email Us

If you prefer, you are welcome to call the message line at 541-737-7240. If you would like a return call please indicate in your message, include your name and contact number. Or, if you prefer, email us and be sure to include when and where you lost it with a detailed description.

Remember that if you are contacting us about a lost item, to include all the details requested on our Lost Item Form in your email or voicemail message. Thank you.

Found an Item?

For Individuals

If you have found an item, please bring it to the department or office closest to the area found. The owner will likely be looking in the area for their belonging.

To assist you with finding the lost and found locations on campus, we have provided a list of locations here.

If for some reason you cannot access or identify the closest office or building, you may take the item to Central Lost and Found, weekdays 8am – 12pm and 1-5 pm, located in the Property Services Building at 644 SW 13th St. (view on Campus Map).

For Departments

Please hold on to any turned in lost items for one week, in accordance with Central Lost and Found Policy.

Afterwards, transfer the item(s) to Central Lost and Found by filling out our recycling Service Request Form. Use the comments field to let us know how many bags, boxes or other containers we will be picking up. Please label the box/bag(s) "Lost & Found" so our crew knows what to pick-up.

Items will be picked up alongside recycling on the next day the building is serviced. Remember to allow one week to pass before filling out the form, in order to allow the owner to have sufficient time to search for the item before it is sent to Central Lost and Found.

For Custodial Staff

Please deliver items received daily to Central Lost and Found, located at the Property Services Building at 644 SW 13th St.

Contact Us

Message Line: 541-737-7240

OSU Central Lost & Found Policy

Policy Statement

Buildings and departments are required to hold onto any lost items for at least one week before transferring them to Central Lost and Found.

Central Lost and Found holds items for 30 days. If the item remains unclaimed it becomes OSU property and is sent to OSU Surplus Property. The 30-days does not account for time the item may have spent in any other location.

Items with personal information or valuables are handled by Department of Public Safety and Oregon State Police. These include:

  • keys (including those for bike locks, motor vehicles, houses and buildings)
  • money
  • wallets
  • purses
  • bicycles and bike parts
  • cell phones
  • computers
  • flash drives
  • other non-OSU ID cards, i.e. military
  • medications

OSU ID Cards are handled by OSU ID Center.

Campus Moves

Departments are responsible for arranging and coordinating all moves on campus. A campus move could consist of one or more individuals needing items or offices moved to a new location. There are three options available depending on the size and timeframe of the move.

Moving Options

Option 1: Use a Professional Moving Company (for Large Moves)

Larger moves involving more than four occupants can be arranged by your department with a professional moving company.  OSU currently has several moving companies on contract; see the PACS website for more information.

Option 2: Use Campus Moves (for Small Moves)

Smaller Moves involving four occupants* or less can be coordinated with Campus Moves. Campus Moves has trained staff and students who can provide assistance with:

 (*an occupant consists of a desk, a file cabinet, a chair, a bookcase and a few boxes) If each occupant has more items than this refere to option #1. 

  • Dollies
  • Hand Trucks
  • Carts
  • Rolling Bins
  • Pallets & Pallet Jacks
  • Forklifts
  • Moving trucks

Materials Not Moved by Campus Moves

For the safety of our staff and students, some restrictions apply. Campus Moves will NOT move:

  • Full file cabinets – All file cabinets must be emptied prior to the move date
    • Departments can purchase or borrow moving boxes
  • Full lab freezers
  • Chemicals or Hazardous Materials
  • Modular furniture
  • Campus Moves will not detach items from the walls

Please see our fees page to estimate the cost of your move.

Move Request Form

To arrange for a small campus move, please fill out a request form and contact Campus Moves at 541-737-7347. Two weeks’ notice and a valid index number are required for all moves.

Option 3: Move on Your Own

If you chose to move your items personally, please use safe moving practices.

Other Moving Resources


Moving boxes can be provided based on availability by Surplus Property. Boxes are reused for moves on campus and must be returned to Surplus once the move is completed. Delivery fees may apply.

Surplus Property:

Items that are no longer needed should be sent to Surplus Property. Surplus items can be dropped off by appointment, or picked up by submitting a Surplus Pick-up Request. Please place your Surplus Pick-up Request prior to your move, but note that the items should be picked up after or during your move date.


Campus Recycling can provide recycle bins to collect paper and confidential materials (fees apply for confidential records destruction). Please place a recycling service request to have the bins dropped off. A valid department index number must be provided for any confidential bins requested.  Learn more about Campus Recycling's confidential shredding service here.

When the recycling bins are full or you no longer need them, place another recycling service request for the bins to be picked up.  Recycling has a limited number of containers so returning the bins in a timely manner is much appreciated.

Related Sites

Student viewing computerBelow are other OSU websites that may be of interest to you:

  • Campus Recycling (Processes material that cannot be sold through Surplus Property. Together Surplus Property and Campus Recycling make up OSU Materials Management.)
  • Ecologue blog (OSU's sustainability blog)
  • Procurement and Contracts (Another division of Procurement, Contracts and Materials Management, of which Surplus Property is also a part.)
  • Business Affairs (The unit under which Procurement, Contracts and Materials Management falls.)

Business Affairs Home

Surplus Property is part of Procurement, Contracts and Materials Management (PCMM), which is part of Business Affairs. Visit Business Affairs' website for more information.