Departments and Agencies

Photo of the warehouseSurplus Property offers the following services to departments and qualified agencies and non-profits:

Dispose of Surplus Items

All OSU-owned property MUST be disposed of through Surplus Property. By submitting an online request, you can either arrange to drop off your items at our building, or request Surplus Property to come pick up your items (pick up available to departments located on the OSU Corvallis campus only).

Shop at Surplus

We have a very wide variety of items available for sale to departments, government agencies and qualified non-profits; anything from scientific equipment to furniture and décor. Read more about purchasing for your department, agency or non-profit.

2017 Department Survey Results

See departmental satisfaction survey results and the changes we plan to makeThank you to our customers who completed a departmental staff satisfaction survey in October 2017. We appreciate your feedback and are taking it into account to set goals for the future. See a summary of the survey results and the changes we plan to make.

Pickup & Drop-Off Request

About Surplus Pick-up Requests

All OSU-owned property must go through Surplus Property to be disposed. Learn about our sales fee and how much money will be returned to your department on our fees page.

Departments are credited their portion of the sales once a month. Any equipment on inventory will remain on a department's inventory until sold or otherwise disposed of. If an active inventory item is sold to another department, the Fixed Assets department will transfer the active number to the buying department. If the active inventory item is sold to the general public, the Fixed Assets department will remove it from OSU inventory.

All computers, monitors and TVs must be disposed of through Surplus Property, regardless of condition. These items cannot be thrown away in the trash in accordance with Oregon law. Read more about OSU electronics disposal here.

Each department must fill out a surplus pick-up request (SPR) form online. This form must be filled out whether you need Surplus to pick up items OR if your department will be dropping items off.

All OSU inventory stickers on items must be noted on the SPR form. The form is audited against the inventory records to confirm ownership and eligibility for sale. Pick-ups are made as soon as possible, based on the current workload and available storage space. This process normally takes an average of 10 working days.

Please do NOT place surplus items in hallways, as it is a violation of the Oregon Fire Code (Section 1030, 2010 Edition) to place material in an exit hallway or corridor.  Civil penalties may be issued for such offenses.

Submit a Pick-Up Request

Go to the surplus pick-up request system

If you have difficulties or questions, please contact us.

Electronics Disposal

Electronics Disposal at OSU (Resale and Recycling)

At OSU, electronics, also referred to as e-waste, are items that have power cords or run on batteries. All unwanted OSU property, including electronics that are broken or working, must be sent to Surplus Property, which determines if they are to be resold or recycled.

If your department has electronics it no longer needs, please submit a surplus pick-up request.

Computers and other data storage equipment sent to Surplus Property or transferred to another department must first have its data purged. See the OSU Policy on Disposal of Data Storage Equipment (PDF), which includes the certification form to include with your item(s).

Oregon E-Cycles Law

On January 1, 2010, it became illegal to dispose of televisions, laptops, and computers (CPU’s and Monitors) in any landfill in Oregon (House Bill 2626 in 2007). On January 1, 2015, printers, computer mice and keyboards were added. If any of these items from the Oregon State University waste stream end up in the local Coffin Butte Landfill, OSU can be fined and at minimum be liable for costs associated with removing items from the landfill.  That includes any of these items discarded in any OSU dumpster, including those at residence halls. Please see above for information on how to dispose of OSU electronics.

Photos of items included under Oregon E-Cycles Law

For More Information

Steve Schofield
Warehouse Coordinator
(541) 737-7347

Department Purchases

Hours (for Dept/Government/Nonprofit only):

Employees may shop for their departments, government agencies and nonprofits:

Mondays – Thursdays at 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

You may also shop during public sales on Tuesdays 5:30-7:30 p.m. and Fridays 12:00-3:00 p.m., but are encouraged to shop during the times listed above for the best selection and fastest service.

Note that we are closed to all shoppers when the university is closed (on designated holidays or due to inclement weather).

Payment Methods

OSU employees must pay using a department index. Government agencies and nonprofits may pay by company credit card (Visa or MasterCard) or check.

Delivery of purchases can be provided for on-campus locations, for a fee.


We are located in the Property Services Building at the corner of 13th St. and A Ave. (644 SW 13th St.) in Corvallis.

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